Cunning Linguist Can’t Google Clitoris

Oh, how I love words. I love playing with them. Apparently not all words are created equal, however. If you’re near a computer, try this for yourself (see if it still applies):

1. Go to (is there a way to NOT get to .ca?)
2. Click on Preferences to the right of the search box.
3. Scroll down to Safe Search Filtering and check off the option to Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images).
4. Save Preferences
5. c-l-i-t-o-r-i-s ENTER

Your search – clitoris – did not match any documents.
• Try different keywords.

Wow! Despite the fact that describes the clitoris as

“the erectile organ of the vulva,
homologous to the penis of the male”

Google doesn’t seem to think so. Homologous, by the way, means “having the same relative position, value, or structure”. I could understand Google’s refusal to allow search terms that are vulgar or slang words for sexual organs. Clitoris is the proper, medical term though. I realize blocking “dick” would mean that a person couldn’t search Dick Cheney, the movie “Dick”, Moby Dick, etc. It is nonetheless ironic that a word used as slang for the male sex organ yields results but “clitoris” doesn’t.

A lady by the name of Susie Bright noted last November 28th that the word “penis” yielded 33 million results using the same Safe Search Flitering. In less than two months that number has become 41.9 million – almost 9 million more results! Why can’t the clitoris get a little love here? I’m sure you ladies would agree.