Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie Propose Sharin arena with Him

Saint Mary’s is exploring the possibility of a shared hockey arena with Dalhousie.

“I would say it’s preliminary, we’re  certainly chatting to see what the options are.” said SMU spokesperson Steve Proctor, “There is a joint proposal that is looking for government assistance to make it all work.”

The two universities, Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie, have submitted the concept to Nova Scotia’s excellence and innovation fund for some financial support, which was created while the province was trimming money provided directly to universities through operating grants. By splitting costs between the universities, the city, and the provincial fund, the financial impact on any one group would be reduced.

“We have an ongoing relationship with the Forum while something is figured out.” said Proctor. A long-term solution for both universities hockey teams has yet to be finalized, at SMU the men’s hockey team has played out of the Forum since 2003, and Dalhousie tore down the Memorial Arena in 2012.

“There certainly have been discussions with the city,” said Proctor. “Dal kind of took the lead on it, and we’re co-applicants. It’s a two-pad arena that will serve the needs of the two universities.” A smaller arena than Bedford’s, which boasts four skating surfaces in order to share resources, custodial, and equipment such as the zamboni.

“If HRM can partner with SMU and Dal, so that they are spending less money than they would on their own, and that helps us bring our own costs in line,” said City councillor Waye Mason. “And finally, if we can save the universities money… That’s a great role for the city to have, is to help bring the players together and help save the universities and the taxpayer money.”

While Mason is in support of the idea, he said the idea is still on the drawing board. “There are no plans in a briefcase, nobody is at that stage yet.”

Mason estimated a cost of $25-30 million for a two-pad arena, which is what would fit on the Gorsebrook site, as opposed to past ideas for a four-pad arena, which he pegged at $45-50 million. While it would be more expensive from a maintenance perspective to have multiple sporting locations, there are other factors to consider.

“It’s a little bit more expensive on the capital side, but with SMU and Dal bringing a reported $10-15 million to the table, then we’ve got to analyze all those figures.” said Mason. “Maybe it’s only a one-pad with a recreation centre, or a one-pad and Halifax Curling Club puts of a facility next to it. It’s literally at that point where it could be any number of things.”

Meanwhile, SMU is keeping their options open as well during ongoing discussions, as long as a solution is on the horizon. “The arena is getting old, a little long in the tooth,” said Steve Proctor. “We’re open to all alternatives, the thing with Dal is one option, but we’re open to suggestions from all levels; the government, public sector, … Read the rest “Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie Propose Sharin arena with Him”

Tips when Choosing a Tax Return Accountant Calgary for your Business

Tax accountant for your business
What happens when you want your business to be in line with the tax regulations within your state, and you do not have sufficient competence to file the returns. Well, an excellent recommendation for your business set-up at such a point in time would be to settle for the services of a credible business tax accountant Calgary to help you be in compliance with the regulations of your region. While filing your tax returns might seem like a simple procedure, filing the returns for a business set-up is typically challenging thereby making it necessary you invest in the services of a qualified professional.


Use the internet responsibly
Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when seeking the services of a business tax return accountant Calgary relies on your ability to use the internet responsibly. This Is because the web is packed with lots of meaningful information that you can use to choose the ideal tax service provider to suit your needs. Most technically savvy tax accountants have developed an online presence by customizing their website with the appropriate information for their clients. For instance, you might use the web to view customer reviews, the pricing packages, the repertoire of skill as well as to obtain the details of service providers that are closest to your proximity.

Seek advice and recommendations
Besides that, another point to consider is that you might want to seek recommendations from other business owners who operate within a similar niche or perhaps those who have previously settled for the services of a tax accountant. An excellent suggestion for you would be to prepare some questions beforehand that you will use to probe for relevant information for your tax accountant investment needs. The main benefit of seeking this type of insight is that you are provided with first-hand and real-time information into what you can expect when investing in a given tax accountant for your business needs.

Make an informed decision
This type of decision-making is not only important when seeking the services of a tax accountant, but also for various other critical aspects of your business. Simply put, making an informed decision always has its inherent benefits over the conventional techniques. To be specific, when you make perceptive choices for your business, you increase the likelihood of receiving professional services as well as the ultimate value for your time and money when investing in a particular service provider. More so, making an informed decision entails evaluating your financial capabilities and whether you can meet the pricing rates of your chosen service provider.

Evaluate their portfolio
Once you have narrowed down to the last few service providers, it’s important that you also evaluate their service portfolio. In particular, this might entail assessing their previous jobs, their repertoire of services, the number of years in experience and their qualifications as well. Furthermore, you might also have to evaluate their websites and the get a broad view of the level of professionalism you … Read the rest “Tips when Choosing a Tax Return Accountant Calgary for your Business”

Rush Returning to Halifax! What Next?

Everyone remember the lackluster Black Eyed Peas and Kid Rock concerts in Halifax a couple of summers ago. That was the fi rst year in the last decade that Halifax failed to bring a big hit summer concert to Nova Scotia. However, a failed summer concert was well in the making after a couple of poor outcomes at other summer concert events.

Despite the disappointment in recent years, a couple recent successful concerts: Metallica and Summersonic with Rise Against and Ben Harper, have put Halifax back on the summer music scene. Rumors are beginning to spur about this summer and Halifax is looking to compete with Moncton’s Magnetic Hill for the biggest summer concert.

The rumors have become reality for many classic-rock fans as Rush has announced they are going to be returning this summer to Halifax for the fi rst time in 25 years, with their Clockwork Angels Tour. Where is this concert taking place? Well the expected draw for this concert is between 30 and 40 000 concertgoers, making it almost a guarantee on The Commons. When can we hope to see Rush? A rumored list of tour dates puts them here, likely, at the end of July or beginning of August – their tour schedule has a very distinct, Halifax-shaped lack of scheduled dates.

Rush joins Heart and Public Enemy this year in the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony on April 18. Recent interviews with the group have signifi ed a possible end to the group’s long tenure in rock music – 45 years to be exact. All members of the group citing that age, all of them well into their 60s, is leading them to have diffi culty going out on stage and performing three hour shows, or longer, for four-to-six months out of a year. Despite this saddening news, fans can still expect a spectacular, classic rock show from Rush this year. From lights to guitar and tenminute drum solos to screaming vocals, a Rush concert has it all. If you have been putting off seeing a Rush concert, or haven’t have the chance since they were last in Halifax, this year could be your fi nal chance.

Even with Rush  virtually locked down there, is still lots of hope in drawing another one or two concerts for summer 2013. Motley Crue is heavily rumored to be eyeing a concert in the Maritimes this summer, while other bands swept into the whirlwind of rumors, include Mumford and Sons, Eric Clapton and the Dave Matthews Band.

Be prepared to mark some days on your calendar this summer, because the rumors around the Halifax concert scene are slowly heating up this frigid January and one can only imagine what else is in store, I and many other students were not even born the last time Rush was in the Maritimes, so young music afi cionados should get beyond pumped for the show. Recent disappointments aside, Halifax is building up an impressive spring and summer full of … Read the rest “Rush Returning to Halifax! What Next?”